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  1.      Forklend is leaning over mafia in an alleyway, brushing his fingers against her cheek. "I- I'm not sure about this..." Mafia said, blushing "What if J3 finds out?" "Then let him find out" Forklend leaned in closer... Just then, a white van flew into a lightpost nearby, and a man dressed in a klansmen robe popped out with a machine gun. "WHITE POWER" J3 screached, as he began to unload his magazine towards Forklend. Fortunately, forklend watched the matrix and dodged all the bullets using his knowledge. "AH SHIT, MAFIA, I'LL- I'LL MEET YOU LATER!" forklend narrowly escaped, running further into the alleyway.
  4.      “I keep getting cucked, and I've had enough!” j3 seethed, "I TOLD YOU not to hang out with him, he's nothing like us aryans!". J3 walked mafia to his van as she scoffed, "So what if he's not the same race as us? He's human too-" This mere notion enraged J3, who promply cut her off, "AND FLOYD WAS HUMAN, BUT GUESS WHAT? HE WAS BLACK, AND LOOK WHERE THAT GOT US!" Mafia remained silent this time, she knew he was right, but still didn't feel convinced about it- after all she DID love Forklend. Mafia looked at j3 for a moment, his robes used to be some different color, but now they were completely white from an unholy amount of cum stains. But she didn't dwell on that for long, all she could think about was forklend. Everything about him she was obsessed with, his lush brown skin, his shining brown eyes, his plump lips... her thoughts were interrupted by brakes screeching. They were home.
  7.      As she lay on her bed, she couldn't stop thinking about forklend, she loved everything about him, but their love was forbidden by the JJJ code of law, any miscegenators would surely be put to death. Mafia took out her phone in an effort to distract herself, scrolling through hours of tiktok videos, but still she couldn't keep forklend off her mind. Then, she almost jumped, a video taken at the old shipping yard claimed that they were shipping soccer balls. "Of course!" she thought, "every brazillian loves soccer!". She jumped off the bed and practically burst out of the house. J3 didn't pay any mind however, as he was too busy grooming children. Mafia ran to the shipping yard and waited... forklend would be here, right?
  10.      After a few minutes, Mafia saw Forklend walking towards her, "Hola, my love! How did you know I was here?" She blushed and looked away, "I have my ways.." she waited for a reply for a moment, but when she looked back, Forklend was just staring into the sky. "Hm? What are you lookin-" Mafia looked up, only to see a terrifying sight, J3 was riding the grand dragon, Collin, right towards them. Forklend started backing up before increasing to a full sprint. "Ahh- maybe next time mafia" As he ran, the Grand Cyclops of the JJJ, Lizzie, rose out of the water and began swiping at Forklend. Collin landed and changed back into human form as he let J3 down to chase after them. "NOO!" Mafia yelled, as she began to run after them, but Collin held her back. "Sorry, Mafia, but we have to do this... and please don't struggle- you might hurt yourself". Tears ran down mafia's cheeks as she watched their distant figures shrink until eventually disappearing. Forklend dodged Lizzie's giant fists, "NO BUENO, AMIGO!" He rolled onto a forklift and elevated himself up onto one of the shipping crates. "HOLA, YOU FAT BURRO!" Lizzie could not contain her fury- nobody calls her fat and lives. She rushed at Forklend at full speed, and he whipped out his Brazilian knife and aimed it right at her eye. "SHIII-" it was too late to stop, Forklend slashed out Lizzie's pupil, jumped back down to the ground and immediately began running again. Forklend was no fool, he knew he could not beat the Grand Wizard of the JJJ in a fair fight, and looked around for a secluded area. "THERE! MUCHAS GRACIAS MI DEUS!" He rolled into an empty crate and leaned into a Brazilian jiu-jitsu stance.
  13.      Then, forklend noticed something. J3 had a shining staff that seemed to glow brighter with each magic attack. Forklend thought quick, "All I have to do is get rid of his staff, then he can't use his magic!". Forklend jumped at j3, pouncing with a ferocity ignited by his devotion to Mafia. J3 simply waved his staff and forklend was drifted off course, slamming into one of the warehouse walls. J3 chuckled, "You will NEVER touch her!". Forklend was burning with rage now, with grit teeth, he charged at j3 again and yelled, "THAT'S WHAT YOU THINK, CHOLO!". He managed to tackle j3, knocking the staff out of his hands. J3 knocked forklend off, and stood up. "Hmm... heh..." j3 began to chuckle again. Forklend shouted at him, holding the staff tight, "WHAT'S SO FUNNY?" J3 only started to clap, "I applaud your strength, so for now... I'll let you live." J3 began to walk off, but Forklend called out, "So then I can date Mafia, Señor?" J3 paused for a moment, "Hell no, but I'll still tolerate you... for now." As j3 walked off, he let out on more spell towards the sky, showing that he didn't need the staff after all.