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  1. You read a story once, about a guy who was out in the jungle and was bit by some sort of venomous spider. There were all sorts of nasty side effects of course, one doesn’t get bit out in the wilderness and walk away unscathed, but the most interesting one was a severe case of priapism. Which was a fancy word for a long lasting boner. Hours of a perpetually hard dick and no matter how many times he tried he couldn’t get rid of it. The guy had described it as hell but at the time you couldn’t imagine anything better.
  3. You squirmed against your bonds; the webbing may have felt soft as silk brushing against your skin but it was deceptively strong. Your feet dangle above the floor and if you were more skilled you could probably think of a way to use them to escape. Unfortunately, you’re stuck hanging in the center of the cave, thick ropes of spider webs wrapping around your midsection and keeping your arms tied to your sides. Though your heart beats with nervousness you aren’t too afraid; after all you’re keenly aware of who has you bound.
  5. “I told you before I’d tie you up and let you play with my pet next time you came,” One of her thin arms gets raised towards her face, and Muffet hides a giggle behind her hand. Your cheeks burn a little as your eyes glance over her body. The entirety of her pear shaped figure is exposed, her hip cocked while one hand lazily rests against it. Two arms are crossed under her breasts, pushing up her small bust and bringing your attention to her hard nipples. You drag your eyes away from her nude body just long enough to see the mischievous smirk she has on her face. Well, you hope it's mischievous. Her eyes are half lidded and the way her fangs glint in the light make you feel like she's ready to devour you.
  7. Her wide hips sway as she strides towards you and for some reason you think she might actually be about to let you go. Her fingers toy with the webbing tying you up, tracing patterns on your chest as she cooes about how cute you look bound and helpless. She steps closer and presses her soft breasts against your chest and you can feel your traitorous dick stirring. You close your eyes to try and block her out, hoping Muffet will just get bored and let you go.
  9. "I hope you're ready for lots of fun~" She gives you one gentle kiss on the cheek before trailing them down your jawline. One of her hands palms against the growing bulge in your pants and you squirm under her touch. Her palm continues to rub against you but her kissing has stopped. She pauses on your neck and you don't even have to look at her to tell she's smiling.
  11. “Ahuhuhuhu~” her breath is hot against the sensitive skin and you shiver, trying to arch away from the spider girl despite your position. She giggles again before pressing soft lips to the juncture where your shoulder and neck meet. One of her hands brushes against your cheek and a second combs through your hair almost lovingly; it’s a stark contrast to the sensation of her lips parting and her fangs digging into your flesh. She presses down hard and you yelp, tensing as she bites you. There’s a rush of pain and suddenly it feels like hot needles are coursing through your body. But the feeling passes quickly and all you’re left with is heat.
  13. It pools in your lower abdomen, your face feeling flushed and sweat starts to bead along your brow. Your heart feels like it's pounding away a mile a minute, the sound thundering in your ears as you grow light headed. You open your mouth to ask what she’s done, but before you can speak her lips are pressed against yours. She swallows any complaints in a sloppy kiss that you feel yourself getting too into. When she pulls back it's only slightly, just enough so she can speak clearly.
  15. “I wasn’t quite honest when I said you would play free of charge~” Two of her hands work at unbuttoning your pants, skilled fingers quickly tugging down both pants and underwear in one go. “Don’t worry, it won’t cost you any gold. I just need a sample or two for my treats!" The words swim around in your head, halfway making sense in your hazy mind. You can't really seem to focus on anything except the way her fingers ghost along your cock and squeeze and stroke. You were already hard before but it feels like she manages to push you further past that and she hums appreciatively when you let out a low groan. Finally satisfied, Muffet begins wrapping her arms and legs around your body for leverage.
  17. “Time to play!” She laughs sweetly before one hand wraps around the base of your cock to keep it steady. Her body slowly closes the gap between the two of you, though she does pause just long enough to tease the tip of your dick along her pussy. You hiss through your teeth and try fruitlessly to buck your hips. Muffet decides to take pity on you however and quickly lowers herself onto your cock. She manages to take most of it in one go, and it only takes a few more tries before you're completely filling her up. Both of you moan and you’re a little embarrassed to admit how close you are already.
  19. It doesn't seem like you need to say anything though, the way your body tenses and your dick twitches draws a sultry laugh out of your captor. “You can cum all you want sweetie, you won’t be going soft anytime soon~” She cooes into your ear as she raises her hips from yours and slams them back down. One of her hands cups your balls, squeezing softly and you give a pitiful whine as it pushes you over the edge. Muffet's hips don't stop moving even as you pump her full of your cum. Despite her earlier warning you're surprised when your dick is still just as hard inside her.
  21. Instead of questioning it, you go with things; you start to really get into the way Muffet's eyes roll back as she fucks you. Some of her fingers tangle in your hair and other dig into your upper back where you're sure there's going to be little crescent shaped marks left afterwards. It takes a little longer to build you up a second time but when you're close Muffet slides you out of her pussy, letting your sticky cock slip between her ass cheeks. She bounces once, twice, thrice before your coating her ass cheeks in hot cum.
  23. This continues on until you both are covered in sweat. Your balls ache by the fourth time you cum and when Muffet slides from your body again, the cool air is practically painful blowing against your cock. When she untangles herself from you, you can see your seed sliding down her thighs and you bite back a groan. To your dismay you are still hard and Muffet feigns an innocent look.
  25. "I suppose I can't just leave you like that." Muffet flashes those fangs in a devious smile before running one of her thin fingers down the length of your cock, base to tip. You shudder, hips squirming, as she toys with your sensitive prick. Once or twice her fingertip swirls around the head, smearing your precum.
  27. “You’re leaking so much sweetie! Ahuhuhuhu~ you must already be ready for another round,” She bops your dick with her finger and giggles as it bobs. She lifts one of her hands dramatically and you can feel yourself being raised higher, until your twitchy dick is level with her face. She reaches out with two hands and wraps her slender fingers around your cock, slowly stroking. Your hips try to buck and she cooes softly at your effort; you have to bite back a groan when she obliges you and picks up the pace. Your eyes start to close only to fly back open when you feel her planting one tiny, delicate kiss on the head of your cockThe kiss deepens until she’s got her plump lips wrapped around the entire tip, tongue tentatively brushing against the underside. Her lips part as she slides her head down your length and she’s surprisingly careful with her teeth. You’re a little too big for her to swallow completely, so she settles for jerking off what her mouth cannot reach. Her head bobs in time to her quick fingers, all four eyes closing as she concentrates.
  29. Her tongue teases the head as she pumps, her lips curved in as much of a smile as she can make with a mouth full of cock. She hums and sucks and even tries deepthroating you, forcing her head all the way down your dick until you bump against the back of her throat. She moans around you and you whimper at the feeling.
  31. That whine is the closest thing to a warning she gets as you throb in her mouth, cumming down her throat. Her two largest eyes widen in shock but she manages to swallow it all. When she feels the twitching of your dick lessen, she slowly pulls her lips away, pointed teeth grazing the over-sensitive flesh. That and the look on her face as she licks her lips of spittle and cum triggers another orgasm and you spurt thick, white ropes over her face. Her lips curl into a pout and you sheepishly apologize, though she doesn't look too upset as it drips down her chin onto her breasts.
  33. As she wipes at the mess you've made, you can feel yourself being lowered to the ground and relief rushes through you. You shift in your bonds and expect the webbing to come lose but find yourself still as trapped as before. Your eyebrows furrow but Muffet’s soft giggles are all you need to tell you that she isn’t quite finished with you yet.
  35. Muffet takes advantage of your still hard dick; she wraps one hand around you and one around your balls and squeezes. It’s not especially hard but your body jerks all the same and she laughs outright.
  37. “Aw deary~ don’t tell me you’re tired already!” She still decides to let you go, maneuvering herself so her ass is facing towards you. Her legs straddle either side of your waist and she scoots herself backwards until your cock bumps into her cheeks. With a small sigh, she reaches back with one hand to once again grip the base of your dick.
  39. Carefully, she lowers herself onto you, moaning as you stretch her out again. If possible, she’s even hotter and slicker than the first time you fucked her. Being able to actually see her stretch around your cock almost pushes you over the edge; it’s only because there are nails suddenly digging into your thigh that you catch yourself.
  41. “Ah-ah sweetie~ it's my turn to have fun,” she starts a slow rhythm but quickly picks up her pace. Her fat ass bounces on your lap, jiggling as she rides you and you really wish you could grab onto her hips. You aren't really sure what gets her off, only that you can feel her clenching around your dick while her body shakes. She doesn't make much noise, mostly just high pitched whines as she grinds herself against you.
  43. You think she's finally finished with you and of course you're wrong. She brings herself to orgasm two more times on your dick, still gleefully milking as much cum from you as possible. By the time you can finally, thankfully, feel your cock going soft you’ve cum over a dozen times. The entire cave reeks of sex and you're sticky with sweat and Muffet's juices. You’ve never been so physically exhausted in your life, however Muffet merely looks bored.
  45. “I suppose that’s enough playing today~” She loosens you from her web and while you’re free to move, it takes a monumental effort to do so. You struggle to pull your pants back up before you leave, grimacing when you hear Muffet call out after you;
  47. “Don’t forget! I’m always happy to tie you up and let you play, free of charge~” The way she laughs afterwards makes your cock twitch and your cheeks flush.