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  1. ------------------------{SHARE EVERYWHERE TO EVERYONE}---------------------------------------
  2. hello, so I wanted to expose the entire plan of the ILLUMINATI , these are our creators, white humanoid beings that possess magic, they created humans because they fear expanding their own species due to power struggles, every newer generation is born with greater magical powers, they are vampires and they dispatched since the existence of mankind vampire hunters worlwide, every location inhabited by humans, they are in control of the police, social medias, tv medias, games, goverment, etc worldwide, basically to suppress the truth about vampires, all humans that become vampires are either killed  or captured by them( and posssibly tortured as well to extract every crucial information about vampires as possible) by them and replaced with shapeshifting reptillians, that can perfectly shapeshift into humans, these reptillians were possibly created by them in order kill/capture vampires, suppress the truth about vampires and steal our technology to them, I think they are enslaving humans for technology, when the masses  figure out the truth about vampires everyone is killed and humanity is reset to zero, in order to bypass their scheme is very simple, build an underground base which is self sustainable, get the animals  etc there, then you can become vampires, build an army and build technology to go against them, while there is still some time left , they also made us believe that raw foods are harmful because they can manipulate science/information, drinking blood is the answer, they createrd all religions in order to brainwash and condition us to be good well behaved slaves, all religions are fake, share this to everyone and be prepared because there is an upcoming apocalypse, by the  way the series shadowhunters available on netflix was made by them and portrays a similar picture to how their entire scheme works. oh and do not go to the website, this is a bait for vampires, they managed to hide it for all this time but it aint gonna work for too long anymore.BY THE WAY MANY ANIMES WERE CREATED BY THEM IN ORDER TO MAKE US ASSOCIATE REALITY WITH FICTION, SUCH AS TOKYO GH0UL, the demon king academy, etc. WATCH>  >> >
  3. The most effective method of bypassing their entire vampire hunting scheme is by creatin a group of people, then do some sort of test to make sure these are not vampire hunters (reptillians disguised as humans), keep your group private to the outside world, build a self sustainable underground base , with power, a blood source(animals, humans whatever, you weill have to cultivate your own blood source and not rely on the outside world for it), reproduce amongst yourselves, build an army of vampires and build technology to go against them while there is still some time left.
  4. becoming a vampire grants immortality, immunity to all forms of cancers, faster and better healing/regeneration without scars and super physical powers / including greater intelligence as well.
  5. The most powerful form of blood is adrenalized blood, it is derived from torturing living beings before being drank, animals such as cattles also work, the animal has to suffer before you drink in order for the blood to become more powwerful, I believe the most potent blood comes from human babies, they torture the babies before drinking their blood.
  6. OH and do not use any form of social media to communicate , they are in control of all of them and use them to find vampires, also do not try to make money of blood, you will be caught eventually by the vampire hunters.