From Moot + TCITF, 2 Weeks ago, written in Plain Text.
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  1.      "You sure you want to do this?" J3 was driving his rusted old white van with "free candyes" spray painted on the sides, down the road to George Floyd's house. "I have to" Mafia gripped the bag tight, inside was a white powder and on the bag was inscribed a red "F" in sharpie. Mafia remembered all those years ago, when her father left her. It was a cool spring morning, on a Saturday too. When she woke up, she found a note on her door that only said "GON 4 MALK" in almost unreadable text. After that he was just gone, no more dad. Ever since that day she vowed to hunt him down and have her revenge. Yesterday she found him, now she's going to kill him. "Don't say I didn't warn you then... I'll be off with Collin and the boys to go grooming kids" mafia opened the door and was almost out when J3 added, "I'll meet you back here at 6.. if you're still alive that is". Mafia continued out, stepping forward with a seething fury towards George Floyd's trashed old domicile.
  3.      A knock came at the door, three light raps. At first, George Floyd paid no mind to them, as he was listening to his favorite Kanye west album. Suddenly, he jumped out of his seat too see that his door was kicked open. Mafia, his long lost daughter, was standing at the entrance, "YOU!" mafia screamed, she could hardly contain her anger. "Me? The fuck why you breakin into my house my nig" "You abandoned me" "Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?" "It doesn't matter if you don't remember me.." mafia clenched her fists. "I'll kill you all the same" "Oh yeah" Floyd sneered, "-and how would a little girl like you possibly defeat me? I kill kids every day" "Like this, asshole" mafia whipped out her bag of cocaine and start snorting by the pound. "W- wait" Floyd was chilled to the marrow, "Hey calm down now, I was just joking" he frantically got up and edged towards an exit. "Get back here! Mafia chased after him with godlike speed, but was pulled back by some grater force. She looked behind her to see a black hand reaching to stop her. It was Barack Obama, her damned brother. "You motherfucker, I'll kill you too!" Obama shouted out his father, "Do not worry George, I've come to save you!" George Floyd was cheering Obama on from the back as he fought mafia. After a few minutes of fighting, Obama suddenly began to dissipate, "Father! I must return to the black house, listen closely! Find the nearest FBI van and hide there! I'll be back as soon as I can-" Obama disappeared into nothing as mafia turned to look at George Floyd, who jumped out of the window. Mafia chased after him with an undying rage, but lost him in the dark streets of the hood.
  5.      George Floyd ran into the van as fast as he could, and slammed the door behind him. But then, he realized, it wasn't an FBI van. In the back was a whole mess of disgusting items, none of which the FBI would ever want to do with. Then, he realized something else, the van was completely white, with "free candyes" on the side... Panicked, hen frantically looked for an exit, but all he could find was a ball gag, tools that looked like they were for either surgery or torture, and the corpse of what used to be a young girl, probably around 12-13. All George Floyd could do was wait, and pray for a savior. After a while, he woke up to footsteps outside of the van, somebody was there! He thanked black Jesus and quickly pressed against the back doors. J3 noticed and pulled out his glock 18, shooting George Floyd in the shoulder. George took of running as J3 yelled at him. George Floyd ran and ran until he couldn't anymore, stopping at the front door of his son, Trevor's house. With his last bit of energy, he rung the doorbell. Trevor opened his door to see his own father on the ground, heavily gasping for air. With one last breath, he muttered, "I.. I can't breathheee-" and died. Trevor kneeled down next to George's corpse, and wept. George opened his eyes to a blinding light, "what.. what is this place?" he said before an unknown but familiar figure which replied, "Oo oo ah ah" "Who-" he whipped around to see his father, Harambe. "F- father" his face filled with tears as he embraced his dad, for he was now in monkey heaven.